Advanced Online TEAM Consultation Group for Level 3 and Above

Thursday group is open to all TEAM therapists Level III and above. It offers case consultation and personal work as well as training in providing consultation to others. Forty weeks' participation in this group meets one of the core requirements for Level IV TEAM certification.

Note: This course does not provide Continuing Education Credit

Instructors: Daniel Mintie, LCSW; Matt May, MD
Consultation Group Meets Weekly on Thursdays from 4-5:45pm Pacific Time

Registration in this ongoing consultation group is for a minimum of three months (12 weeks) for $720 (that is $34 per hour of training). When your 12 weeks have expired, you can register again for another 12 weeks of training.

If you have questions about this group, please contact:
Daniel Mintie: or Matthew May:

Course Dates: Thursdays at 4pm Pacific Time

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed